The Box and the Circle experiential exercise was created by Jann over 20 years ago.

The teachings and the model have been used globally by professionals seeking to create impactful workshops that address cultural sensitivity, the history of colonization, and supporting critical work to advance anti oppressive, inclusive practice. The workshop explores the effects of Residential Schools and Canada’s Policy of Assimilation and how we can work together to impact meaningful change. 

This one day workshop is for facilitators who are personally familiar with the two worldviews; Indigenous and Euro-Canadian/mainstream.  It informs the participants of the key components of the experiential exercise while also discussing historical information.  Roles, responsibilities, relationships, and gender of the Indigenous circle worldview will be reviewed.  Communication, protocols, and politics of the traditional circle will also be presented. The workshop will give participants the information and support necessary to use this experiential exercise creatively in their own unique way.  Each workshop closes with Ceremony.

The exercise is to be used in a traditional respectful manner: it is to be shared orally and never written down; it needs to be carefully led and thoroughly debriefed by facilitators because of its powerful nature; and as the receiver of the vision, Jann is named whenever it is used just as we name our Teachers when we include their information in what we share.

Training dates are posted on this website.